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Free weights are a type of fitness equipment often used for home workouts, highly popular as they require no machine and are flexible; whether through their customizability variety in movement options, free weights exercises are one of the best options for home gyms. Without a public gym or any machines, they allow for muscle gain on all muscle groups in the body and effectively promote fat loss through the development of muscle. From kettlebells to dumbbells, barbells to iron plates, and more, free weights paired with basic exercises such as squats, bicep curls, hip thrusts and shoulder presses render this type of equipment worthy of everybody’s home workout circuit.

Choose Marathon Fitmall, the source of high-quality adjustable free weights with user-friendly prices suitable for all types of customers. Whether an office worker or a freelancer, somebody who enjoys exercise or a complete fitness guru, free weights are the universal solution to home workouts. Use them in any setting – at home, in front of the TV while watching your favourite shows, on your front lawn, or even in a small room – and enjoy the feeling of home workouts no longer restricted to big machines or public gyms.